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TELEX-Liver Cancer – Telehealth for patients with liver cancer

Our Professor of Liver Cancer - Helen Reeves, alongside physio Dr Kate Hallsworth and Sports Scientist Dr Sam Orange, have just won £49,000 from the Newcastle Biomedical Research Council, for a pilot study to start this summer!  We all know that exercise is ‘good for us’.  There is mounting evidence though, that it can be very beneficial for patients with cancer.  This can be in improving quality of life, but also fitness and survival. Delivering exercise around our region can be challenging though, to people with liver disease, worried about having liver cancer, with varying levels of fitness and confidence, as well as variable access to facilities.  Helen, Kate and Sam  plan to identify 20 patients who are in remission after liver cancer treatment, who are willing to help explore ‘Telehealth’ – meaning computor supervised exercise from home.  We will provide simple exercise equipment, a ‘tablet’ preloaded with wifi access and ‘Zoom’ software, and deliver a one-to-one induction over the internet, followed by twice weekly exercise classes supervised by Kate or Sam.  The exercise will be tailored to individuals, with a chair based as well as a standing option.  We want to see if its feasible, what works well and what does not – so that moving forward, we can move towards big changes in NHS care – hopfully bringing Telehealth to the forefront for our patients with liver disease and cancer.  We will keep you posted!

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